Saturday, October 20, 2012

Winner Winner Winner

Oh my, I am so sorry to be so late on announcing the winner of the Christmas challenge!!  I know we are all busy and you lovely ladies took the time to create such beautiful cards so I apologize with the little excuse of my daughter is a senior this year and this week we have had her senior pictures, meetings and the last home football game!!  (although I think we still have some playoff games)  Not to mention working full time.  I did this 5 years ago with my older daughter but I must be older and slower this time around LOL!!!

Anyway, I did not get a chance to comment on all of these beautiful cards I just ran the number generator and I will hop to each card later this weekend.  Thank you all for entering and our winner is...

#17 Emily H

Email with your choice of 2 Ippity Itty Bitties and your name/address.  Tell her you are the winner of the Unity Opportunity Challenge!



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